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2oz. Round Shot Glass $6.00

Ghoulardi Pads 4 Different Sayings $5.00

11oz. Coffee Mug with sayings  $6.00

Don't be fooled Ova Dey !!! 
by Cheap knock off's or Cheap replicas of
Ghoulardi shirts and merchandise.
We are the only ones that print
Ghoulardi shirts and merchandise from the original art work !!! When you order from us you will get an original Great quality shirts and merchandise as close to the Original art work as possible!!!
no second hand scanned art work usually taken off our merchandise, which causes the quality of the art to go down and become Garbage!

If it is not from The Ghoulardifest or Turn Blue Productions!
Printed @ J&L Printing, It's Just a old pair of white socks

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Irish Coffee Glass   $6.00

Ghoulardi Music Party CD  $15,00

Ghoulardi Black/ White Face Coffee Mug  $8.00

Laughing Key Chains $10.00

DVD Video Collection $15.00

Can Coolies  $3.00

Mood Cups Set of 3  $5.00

Coasters  $1.50each

T-Shirts Prices - Small thru 3X - $20.00            Sweat Shirt Prices - Small thru 3X - $30.00

Smash Light $7.00

Ghoulardi Pens  $1.50 each

Stickers $1.50

Ghoulardi Pads and Pen Set   $6.00

Ghoulardi "On Set"  Poster $5.00

Travel Mug $10.00